EO data-driven insight made easy

Growing Sector

Great opportunities in a growing sector

EO data sources today are complex and demand high technical knowledge to interpret.

Eosolve will simplify and democratise EO data as part of the new wave driving this dynamic, fast growing sector.

It will open up new commercial markets and enable breakthroughs in how we see the world from space. The potential benefits of space-derived insight are huge.

Growing source data.

350% growth in EO satellites since 2014. 600 new EO satellites planned by 2030.

Growing market value.

£2bn predicted data analytics & insight UK market by 2030.

Growing Investment

Massive investment programme underway.

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The Eosolve platform is a product of Waybester, a pioneering, new company in the fast-growing space sector. It is being developed with technology partner Ngoar.

Target verticalsInitial target verticals will be:

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Eosolve key value areas

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